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Digital Display Advertising

splitPanel is a product that allows you to take any LCD screen and turn it into a powerful Digital Display Advertising Solution.

splitPanel is web based which allows our panels to pull web content from RSS feeds, websites, youtube, weather sites, and more.

If you would like to learn more about this powerful solution, take a look through this website and contact us for a demo today.

split your Panel schedule your Panel

Unlimited Layouts - Scheduled to your needs


splitPanel is a solution for any LCD digital display advertising requirement. It can be used to push display advertising to a 55" LCD screen, 42" LCD screen, or even a standard computer LCD sitting on your reception desk counter. Each display can be configured to any resolution and orientation.

Some ideas of where you can use splitPanel are:


With splitPanel you can pull1 content from the internet or use your own content. Some of our content widgets are:

1If you are pulling 3rd party content into your splitPanel, you must ensure you have permission to use the content from the 3rd party. 2Weather information may not be available for every location. We will do our best to find the most accurate and local weather sources for you. 3Market and Commodity information is available through a few 3rd party suppliers. We work closely with a couple of these vendors to offer you the solutions you are looking for. These suppliers charge an additional monthly fee for these feeds. We will work with you to get you the information you require at the best possible price. 4When displaying 3rd party video, you must ensure that you have permission to do so. If displaying any youtube video, you must ensure any advertising content on the splitPanel that is generating revenue would generate that revenue without the youtube content.


splitPanel can be implemented in many configurations. We have listed a few of these packages below. If you require a custom solution or a large quantity of splitPanels, please contact us for a quote.

NOTE: You must ensure that you have hi-speed internet run to the location of the splitPanel or have (WPA)WIFI available. You must also have at least 1 power outlet for the splitPanel box and 1 power outlet for the LCD.

Just The Box

Our most affordable option is to re-purpose the LCD that you already own. If you already have the LCD screen that you would like to use, please ensure that it has a VGA, DVI, or HDMI connection.

splitPanel License & Box: $8001
splitPanel Monthly Fee: $150

1Based on a 2 year contract.

42″ LCD + splitPanel + Mount

We recommend a commercial grade LCD that is designed for digital display advertising. These screens are designed for longer life and a brighter display. You can install splitPanel in either a portrait or landscape orientation.

40″ NEC LED Display: $1200
Mount: $200 - $400 average
splitPanel License & Box: $8001
splitPanel Monthly Fee: $150 shipping charges extra

1Based on a 2 year contract.

Floor Stands, Ceiling Pole Mounts, Larger/Smaller LCD Screens

We also offer different mounting solutions based on your needs. We can supply:

Each splitPanel comes with a 1 year hardware warranty. All support is included. Hardware installation is not included and requires someone on-site to install the LCD mount and LCD. The splitPanel hardware simply needs an internet connection and power.


QWhat is a splitPanel?

splitPanel is web-based software combined with a hardware product provided by Intricate Networks Inc. to offer our clients a Digital Display Advertising Solution. The splitPanel box can be mounted to the back of any LCD to convert it into a splitPanel Digital Advertising solution.

QWhy should I use splitPanel?

Since splitPanel is a web based solution, it allows your content to be 100% up to date all of the time. If you link to RSS feeds, website widgets, and videos, your content will be updated as those 3rd party websites are updated.

splitPanel is also administered through the internet, so you can have access to your splitPanels anytime from anywhere.

QWhat makes splitPanel better than other digital display advertising solutions?

There are several advantages that splitPanel offers our clients:

  1. Our software enables you to pull content from anywhere on the internet that offers their content for free or paid use.
  2. You are able to pull content directly from your own website, making your website changes roll over to your splitPanels automatically.
  3. The admin utility is web-based which allows you to administer your content on any of your screens from any internet connection.
  4. Our monitoring system is in constant communication with every splitPanel device. We track system health of every splitPanel in operation. If a device is having trouble, our support team is notified automatically. As long as the splitPanel is connected to the internet, our support team can remotely connect to the splitPanel and make any changes or adjustments needed for the device.
  5. We add new widgets and content options frequently. Since our system is all web-based, you will receive the upgrades in real-time as they are released. This limits downtime and the hassle of upgrade procedures.
  6. Almost no limitations. Many digital display advertising solutions are restrictive as to what you can put on your screens. We give you all of the tools to layout your screens as you see fit. There are some general rules that we recommend for performance reasons, but the software will allow you to create the content you want in the layout you choose.
QHow hard is it to use and make day to day changes?

splitPanel has a very easy to use administration system. We also provide you with training and support.

QIs there a service contract?

We offer 1 Year, 2 Year, and 3 Year contracts. A 2 year contract saves you 10% on your splitPanel hardware and licence. A 3 year contract saves you 20% on your splitPanel hardware and licence. (Discounts are only applied to splitPanel hardware and are not applied to LCD & Mounting equipment.)

QWhat hardware and software is required?

We provide you with a splitPanel box, a network cable, a video cable, and the LCD/Mount if requested.

You may choose to use your own LCD or purchase one from us. (If you are located in the United States, we recommend ordering your LCD and Mount from cdw.com. We will provide you with assistance in selecting the required equipment.)

You will require power and either wired internet(Recommended) or WIFI internet to the splitPanel.

The only software required to administer your splitPanel is an internet browser.

QHow long does it take to get a splitPanel?

We can ship a splitPanel and have it delivered within 5 business days, however if you require an LCD, shipping can take a little longer depending on your location. (Larger orders can take longer, please request an estimate if you are planning on ordering for multiple locations.)

QWhere are splitPanels currently available

We currently ship anywhere in Canada and the United States. If you have an interest from somewhere else, please let us know.

QWhat kind of support is included?

We offer support 8am - 5pm CST Monday - Friday. We also offer support after hours via email. Support includes the installation and use of the splitPanel software and its features.

QIs there anything I need to have ready at my location before installing a splitPanel?

You must have an electrical outlet, wired(Recommended) or wireless internet, and the LCD. We can provide the LCD if requested at the prices listed on the pricing section. (If you are located in the United States, we recommend ordering your LCD and Mount from cdw.com. We will provide you with assistance in selecting the required equipment.)

QWhat is the best way to mount my LCD?

Mounting your LCD is often the hardest part of the install. There are literally hundreds of mounting kits that you can choose from. There are typically 4 types of mounting styles, Wall Mount, Corner Mount, Ceiling Mount, and Floor Stand. The price of these mounts can fluctuate greatly depending on the install location. Please contact us for assistance on choosing the correct mount for your LCD.

QWhat are the benefits to using NEC LCD's?

The LCD's that we supply are intended for commercial usage. They are built much better than a standard TV LCD. The NEC screens that we use are also brighter and preform better and longer. If you would like a detailed fact sheet on the screens we use, please contact us.

QAm I able to sell advertising on my splitPanel?

Many of our clients subsidize their screens by selling advertising space. In fact, we have clients that are actually making money on their screens by displaying advertising as well as their own content.

For example: If you sell 10 ads to local businesses and suppliers for $800 each for the year you would earn $8000 per year. That more than pays for all of your hardware and hosting.

Ask your suppliers today if they would be interested in advertising on your in-house digital display advertising panels… We bet they say yes!


splitPanel was created by Intricate Networks Inc. to serve some of our local clients. As the product grew in both features and attention from other markets, we decided to brand the product and market it in North America.

Intricate Networks Inc. offers solutions in the following areas:

Intricate Networks Inc. continues to innovate and drive technology forward. splitPanel is our latest in a long line of services and solutions that we are marketing to our growing customer base.

If you would like references from our clients, please contact us and we will supply them to you.


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