splitPanel can be implemented in many configurations. We have listed a few of these packages below.

Just The Box
150 /MO

Our most affordable option is to re-purpose the LCD that you already own. If you already have the LCD screen that you would like to use, please ensure that it has a VGA, DVI, or HDMI connection.

splitPanel License & Box: $800

LCD + splitPanel + Mount
150 /MO

We recommend a commercial grade LCD that is designed for digital display advertising. These screens are designed for longer life and a brighter display. You can install splitPanel in either a portrait or landscape orientation.

40″ NEC LED Display: $1200
Mount: $200 – $400 average
splitPanel License & Box: $800

NOTE: You must ensure that you have hi-speed internet run to the location of the splitPanel or have (WPA)WIFI available. You must also have at least 1 power outlet for the splitPanel box and 1 power outlet for the LCD.

Each splitPanel comes with a 1 year hardware warranty. All support is included. Hardware installation is not included and requires someone on-site to install the LCD mount and LCD. The splitPanel hardware simply needs an internet connection and power.

Floor Stands, Ceiling Pole Mounts, Larger/Smaller LCD Screens

We also offer different mounting solutions based on your needs. We can supply:

  • Floor Stands – these stands allow you to relocate your panels easily, or place them in front of a window.
  • Ceiling Pole Mounts – this mounting option is best for hanging the LCD Panel from the ceiling.
  • Larger LCD Panels – we can supply you with a large selection of LCD panel sizes and types. Some of the panels are long and narrow and some of the panels are 16:9 but just larger in size.
  • Smaller LCD Panels – some clients like to display data on their counter tops. We can find a screen that fits the size requirement you are looking for.