Troubleshooting Tips


  1. No video being displayed
    1. Have any changes been made to the LCD/TV/splitPanel cabling recently?
    2. Is the LCD/TV on? Some displays have a “standby mode” where the physical switch on the unit is “on” but there is no display. In most cases, you need to press the power button on the remote control, or find the power button (not the switch) on the unit, usually located near the volume and menu controls on the edge of the LCD/TV.
    3. Is the splitPanel On? Are blue, green or white lights lit?
      1. If not, push power button. If a light does not turn on after pushing button, check the power cord.
    4. Is the video cable firmly attached to both the splitPanel and the LCD/TV?
    5. Is the input type correctly set on the LCD/TV? (DVI,VGA,HDMI,etc)
    6. If using a video splitter, is the primary LCD/TV turned on? Is the video splitter on and powered? Check all cables?
    7. If you are using HDMI, the LCD/TV must be turned on before powering the splitPanel. If your LCD/TV and the splitPanel are turned on but there is still no signal to the display and you have tried all other troubleshooting steps, turn off the splitPanel (following the guide); make sure the LCD/TV is on and set to the correct HDMI input; turn the splitPanel back on. The panel will detect the HDMI interface and send the correct signal.
  2. splitPanel will not power on
    1. Push power button for 1 second. If nothing happens, check power cable. Ensure cable from splitPanel is firmly connected to power brick and that the power brick cable is plugged into a surge suppressor/power bar.
    2. Try unplugging the power cord to the splitPanel for 30 seconds. Then connect power cable again and try to start splitPanel.
    3. Confirm there is power to the install location.
  3. splitPanel will not power off
    1. Push power button for 1 second. Allow 30 seconds for the splitPanel to turn off. If nothing happens escalate to tier 2 support.


  1. Recent content changes are not being reflected on the splitPanel screen
    1. Make sure to click “Force Refresh” for the layout in the splitPanel admin
    2. Make sure that the splitPanel location in the admin has the correct layout assigned
    3. Is the splitPanel content only assigned to a specific location in the admin?
  2. “LOADING” message with a counting “TIMEOUT”
    1. Is the internet up and running at the install location? Tested?
    2. If WIRED
      1. Is the cat5 network cable connected?
      2. Network Card lights should be lit and flashing?
    3. If WIRELESS
      1. Is the wireless antenna attached to the splitPanel?
      2. Is the WIFI Access Point turned on and functioning?
      3. Has the WIFI password or SSID/ESSID changed?
      4. Try resetting the wireless access point and then REBOOT splitPanel (See Instructions) to see if this resolves the issue as some access points will have issues that are resolved from a reboot.
    4. Have any network changes been made? Check with your IT support to confirm.
    5. Have any firewall changes been made? Check with your IT support to confirm.
  3. No Sound
    1. If using HDMI
      1. Make sure volume on LCD/TV is turned up to desired level
      2. If still no sound, splitPanel may be configured for stereo sound. Escalate to tier two for remote re-configuration.
    2. If using DVI or VGA
      1. Make sure 1/8″ sound cable is firmly attached to both the splitPanel and the speakers being used.
      2. If still no sound, splitPanel may be configured for HDMI sound. Escalate to tier two for remote re-configuration.
    3. Video is choppy
      1. Check your internet bandwidth. Streaming video requires a constant download of data to the splitPanel unit. If this data is interrupted or if the bandwidth is insufficient to feed the video to your splitPanel you will notice choppy or broken video.
      2. You can adjust the video quality in your splitPanel admin and lower it to a value to accommodate the available bandwidth at the install location.
      3. You can remove the video widget from the splitPanel.
    4. Weather or MAPS – showing the incorrect location
      1. Log in to your splitPanel admin and confirm that the postal/zip code is accurate for the widget on your display.
    5. DTN Futures not showing the desired content
      1. Check DTN configuration for client on futures content.
    6. splitPanel orientation requires changing – Portrait vs. Landscape
      1. Your splitPanel is configured to the requested orientation at the time of order. If you require an orientation change, escalate to tier two for remote re-configuration.
    7. splitPanel / Intricate Networks splash screen is showing with no “LOADING” or “NAVIGATING” message and remains at a static splash screen for longer than 3 minutes.
      1. Push power button for 1 second.
      2. REBOOT splitPanel (See Instructions)
      3. If splitPanel does not load correctly, escalate to Tier 2 support
    8. Time based content is being loaded at the wrong time of day or on the wrong day as specified in the splitPanel admin.
      1. Double check the date and the time specified in the splitPanel admin.
      2. Confirm that the time zone specified for that location is correct.
    9. Error on the screen with the word “error” in it.
      1. Report error to Tier 2 support for resolution
  4. REBOOTING splitPanel
    1. Push power button for 1 second.
    2. The splitPanel will shutdown (allow 30 seconds)
    3. Push power button again for 1 second to restart splitPanel (allow 5 minutes for complete startup depending on local network status)